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Over the past 3 years, I've had the honor of teaching teachers. In return, they have shared their vast knowledge of useful classroom websites with me. Below is that collection. We only learn by sharing our knowledge with each other. Pass this wonderful resource on to your fellow teachers.

      Mimicks FaceBook's layout and students/teachers love its ease of use. I hear from teachers all the time how much this tool has helped them manage their classes.

  Teacher Tools: The best tool is your textbook's online help resources. Introduce them to your students so they can get out-of-classroom help if needed, and still directly relates to their textbook chapters.   

Spend time on this one...
   a collection of classroom tools and ideas about new educational tools”  Hundreds of education sites... browse at your leisure.

Classroom Tools for Teachers and Students:  Has videos that correlate to the most used textbooks.  Do a search for your textbook and then browse the options available.  A search engine for learning; O.E.R. (Open Educational Resource) Has lessons and quizzes pre-built.  Similar to GooruLearning above, but based on critical thinking analysis.  Michigan College students volunteer for this online homework help for at-risk kids. A student submits a question, the tutors' phones receive a text, and they can email or Skype to help the student with the homework problem.    Free academic videos on a variety of subjects (Note: advisable to download videos to harddrive so not waiting to buffer)
use for class-to-class challenges, review for a quiz, or just to have fun with the kids  a video branch of, Idaho Public Television  Lessons worth sharing, all subjects made by teachers, video   Organize web sites into one logical and sharable Binder.
Under Teaching Resources you will find lesson plans, tools, and many more links.
Under Student Activities, Computer Lab Favorites has 5 disciplines to search under.   Apex Learning is a digital curriculum publisher who works with schools to help increase graduation rates and decrease dropout rates. Need to work in groups but away from the IEN room?  With a GMail account and an onboard camera, you can "Hang Out" at Google Plus.  Up to 10 people. And article on how to web search "number ranges"

PTE  The System Administrator Song (Funny)    For computer technology classes; this site is for building 3D animations comparable to "Toy Story" quailty. Easily share your screen with multiple users (like students in a computer lab) without complicated webinar software.  It's easy and it's FREE.  Free web development site  Free and easy website builder  

Foreign Language
Foreign Language Resources

Hilarious Teacher/Student Video to watch and show your students (?):

I am Worried About My Grade  Another site to find a crazy video your kids will relate to. The Grade video above was created using this website: Another site that uses talking avatars in your homemade clips is: A humorous "what not to do" with videoconferencing...

Video Teleconference - What Not To Do  (Fed Ex commercial)

5 Ways to use video conferencing in the classroom

7 Habits of Highly Effective Teachers Who Use Technology