Outlook: Sorting Contacts on the fly

Take a look at your list of Outlook contacts. Have you ever noticed the vertical lines between the columns? They have a purpose:

(If you don't see the lines, check the left panel under "Current View" options. Click "Address Cards")

1) You can drag the lines to widen or shrink the column width

2) You can sort the contacts with a right click on any vertical divider line.

• Right-click the vertical gray line between the Contacts card column (a shortcut menu appears)
• Click Sort
• In the Sort Items By box, click the field you'd like to sort by
• In the Then By box, click the next field to sort by, and so on.
• To undo all of this, right-click the gray line again, click on Sort
• In the Sort Items By box, click File As, and click OK.

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