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I've posted some good stuff under “Nerdy Info” above for your quick reference of basic questions.

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Microsoft Office User Specialist                 30+ years computer use
Excel Certified Expert                                30 years instructing at local community college
Word Certified Expert

I’m strictly a laptop owner (3) and 1 amazing Mac. My vices: I’m an Excel junkie and an Email addict. There must be a support group out there for this...

Andy Lanning
Computer Software Training, LLC
Boise, ID 83706
208-861-3773                                                       My Other Links: 
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Menu of 60 minute Speaking Topics:
Below are great topics for lunch & learns, monthly meetings,
or 1-hr webinars if you need a speaker-for-hire:
  • Unforgettable Passwords
  • Computer Housekeeping
  • The Top Computer Super Secrets that work in every software program!
  • The Best Kept Secrets of... Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Excel Setup: "Some Assembly Required"
  • Excel: Data Visualization Crash Course
  • Excel: Formulas for Real Estate Data (realtor focused)
  • Excel: Productivity Tips and Tricks
  • Excel: Every Day Excel Hacks You Need To Know
  • Excel: Useful Formulas
  • Excel: Pivot Tables Crash Course
  • Excel: Power Query Intro
  • MS Word: Best Kept Secrets              
  • MS Word: Overlooked Features and Functions
  • Microsoft Word for ADA Accessible Documents (shortened version)
  • MS Outlook: Managing a Digital Office (shortened version)
  • PowerPoint: Slide Master and Object Selector
List of Full Course Topics that Andy can bring to your company:
most are 3 hours, interactive with attendees using computers

· Microsoft Word Intro
· Microsoft Word Mail Merges
· Microsoft Word for ADA Accessible Documents (US Federal Law compliance)

· Microsoft Excel, Intro and Productivity Tips and Tricks
· Microsoft Excel, Formulas and Functions
· Microsoft Excel, Tools of the Trade (the Best Old Buttons in Excel)
· Microsoft Excel, Data Presentation and Charts/Graphs
· Microsoft Excel, for Realtors and Real Estate Analysis
· Microsoft Excel, Power Query (to clean up redundant data sets)
· Microsoft Excel, Pivot Tables (to summarize and analyze data)

· Microsoft PowerBI (6-hr min, or three 6-hr-days optional;
                                   PowerBI to clean-up, analyze, and visualize data)

· Microsoft Outlook for Office Management (get control of your LIFE inside Outlook!)
· Microsoft PowerPoint, 2 levels: Intro and Advanced Slide Masters/Selection Pane
· Microsoft Publisher, Full Overview
· Internet and E-mail
· Computer Basics