PowerPoint Multi-Monitor View

Would you like to have access to your slide notes during a PowerPoint presentation--without printing? Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 and 2007 feature a multiple-monitor view that can display your presentation on one monitor and your notes on a 2nd monitor.
But your computer must have two video cards: if you can connect a projector or 2nd monitor to your system, then you have a spare video card. (Most laptops have this feature.)

To enable Multiple monitors in PowerPoint 2003:
1. On the Slide Show menu, click "Set Up Show"
2. Under Multiple monitors, in the "Display slide show on:" list, click the monitor you want the slide show to appear on.

To enable Presenter view in PowerPoint 2007:
1. On the Slide Show tab, in the Monitors section, select the "Use Presenter View" check box.
2. In the "Show Presentation On" drop-down box, choose which monitor will display the external slide show.

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