Print Screen or Screen Capture

I remember way-back-when how easy it was to print a screen. We just hit the "Prt Scr" button on the keyboard above the Home and End keys, and immediately the printer would engage and shoot out a piece of paper with our screen on it. Then Windows 98 appeared and it all changed. Unfortunately, many of us never learned the new (hidden) step.

If you need to print a certain window or dialog box (usually to show the IT tech support guy so he'll believe you really had an error message), here's how:

1. Have the dialog box on the screen
2. Hit the "Prt Scr" button above the Home and End keys
3. Nothing happens. But actually, the copy is sitting on your clipboard waiting to be pasted.
4. Now open Word, Wordpad, or even an email screen
5. Paste (Ctrl V or Edit, Paste)

Short and sweet, and VERY handy.

BUT - The PrtScr button took a snapshot of your entire window corner-to-corner. What if you just want a picture of the "active" window, like the error message which only measures 2x6 inches?

In that case, press ALT + PrtScr, open a document, paste, print. Done!

Happy Clicking!
Andy Lanning, Chief Nerd
Computer Software Training, LLC
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