Excel Data Forms: How and Why

An Excel Data Form is a useful data entry tool if you have the tedious job of entering data. (I avoid this at all costs, but periodically I have to cave.)

The reason you would ever use a "Form" is if the database you are using is vertically or horizontally off the screen. Go through the steps below and if you find it useful, then you have saved a little sanity. Otherwise, just ignore this.

As much as we hate it, sometimes there is no way of getting around tedious Data Entry. But in Excel, there is a little known tool to help you manage the job. It is called the "Data Form".

Step 1. Open a spreadsheet and enter a few Column Headings (FirstName,LastName,etc)

Step 2. (Excel 03) Click Data on the main menu, Click "Form"

Step 2. (Excel 07 & 10) You must add the Data Form button to the Quick Access bar. (It's worth the time to do this and you won't have to do it again.)
a) Click the arrow at end of the Quick Access Bar (beside the Office button on top of window)
b) Click "More Commands"
c) Find the "Choose Commands From" box, and click "All Commands"
d) In this list, click the "Form" button and click "Add"
e) From then on, just click the Data Form button on the Quick Access Bar

Happy Data Entry!