Wash your fingerprints off a Word document

My definition of MetaData: Hidden threads of document changes, revisions, the author's name, and various other incriminating details that travel along with a Word document like fingerprints on a drinking glass.

No big deal, you can't see that info, right? In the wrong circumstances, like a legal action, metadata could ruin your case. How to remove them...

My disclaimer: I do not normally do this process (because it takes a few extra clicks). I will only recommend it if you are transferring documents to other people/offices that will then make it their own. I will not guarantee that this process will remove all traces of tracked changes. (Just don't track changes in the first place.)

Word 2007 and 2010:
1. Click the Office Button in upper left corner of program
2. On that list, click "Prepare", then click "Inspect Document"
3. Make sure there are checkmarks in all the options, then click "Inspect" at bottom
4. If it finds MetaData it will give you the option to "Remove All"
5. Close the Window and now send to anyone you would like.