Online Classes

Just launched, Fall 2017!
Andy Lanning's very own Online Video Course!

Click the link above to see Andy's video about the 5 Super Secrets to Computers.

We are all TOO BUSY to gather inside classrooms, so let's just get down to business and teach you where and when it's most convenient for YOU.  

And let's face it - training at YOUR convenience and on YOUR schedule is absolutely the goal.

In my membership course, you'll get access to Andy's full training library of Microsoft Courses with over 90 videos currently, and adding more weekly.

These same courses on the current education platform (that Andy is abandoning very soon) will cost you no less than $295 for just 5 courses.

With Andy's special offer, you'll get all of her Microsoft courses, her EBook, the Super Secrets emails, and access to her full video library. Plus you'll be added into her FaceBook group of users where you get direct access to Andy for help with your projects!

No risk! Join today!!

Sneak Peak at a couple of the video's...