The Top Computer SUPER SECRETS:

1: Whenever you have the question, "How do I...?"
     95% of the time the answer is “your Right-Mouse Button"
     (on a Mac, it’s “Ctrl Click” for the shortcut menu.)

2: CTRL Z: Live it, Know it, Breathe it. 
If you mess up, delete something accidentally, or generally 'screw up', press "Ctrl Z" to UNDO. Ctrl Z works in ALL software programs. The opposite is "Ctrl Y" to REDO.

3: Know Your Tools!!! Take 10 minutes (JUST 10 minutes!) to float your mouse over your toolbar buttons and read the name of the tools. If you still have no idea what it is, just type the name into the "Help" box (top right of most software programs) and you will get complete instructions on how to use that tool.

4: File, Options - (older versions: Tools, Options) - Go there in any software program and explore. You will find out how much control you really have over your computer. It's awesome!

5: Pause, slow down, be in control of every click and you will do far less repair work - which is frustrating and adds unneeded time to simple processes.

 6: The best Super Secret is to Subscribe here for more!