Calendar, Color Code Appts

Have you ever used color-coded file folders in your office? Of course! The red ones mean "this", the yellow ones mean "that", etc. They help because at a glance, you know the topic of the colored folder. Outlook offers the same priority coding in the calendar. Here's how to use it: (works Outlook 2003, 07 and 10)

2003 version: Right click an appt, choose "label", and choose a color.
(You can also choose "Edit Labels" to rename the colors as you wish.)
2007 and 2010 versions: Right click an appt, choose "categorize", and choose a color.

But I'm so lazy that I won't even do that much work. I'd rather have the computer "Automatically" color code my appointments as I enter them:
2003 version:
1. Click the "Calendar Coloring" icon on the standard toolbar.
2. Click "Automatic Formatting" (jump to step 3 below)

2007 version:
1. Click "Edit"
2. Click "Automatic Formatting"

Both versions:
3. Type a name for the new rule you are making.
4. Choose a color for this rule.
5. Click "Condition" - (without this button, no rule will be made)
6. Now type the words (separated by commas) that will trigger the rule. i.e. Office, Client, Meeting, Dr
7. Click OK to finish up the process, and give it a try.

As you type a new appointment with one of the "trigger words" it should automatically apply the new color. And Yes... you are setting up your own "secret code" system.

If you repeat this procedure for other types of appointments, you can build different categories within your Outlook calendar for easy recognition. Ex: weekly office meetings, customer visits, and personal appointments.

Happy clicking!