Computer People Tricks

Here is a Computer "Underground" Super Secret:

Everyone knows that when you work in an industry for any length of time you learn things that the general public does not know. Tips, Shortcuts, Secrets. Here are a couple I've learned...

1 - If you have to call tech support, exmaple: Dell's Tech Support - (by the way, the phone # is 1-800-INDIA) - and you cannot understand the accent/dialect of the person, just say, "Supervisor, please."

They'll transfer you. If you still can't understand that person, just say it again, "Supervisor, please." Keep saying it until you can understand someone and get help.

2 - Have you every had to make a phone call you were dreading? (Who hasn't?) Well, at you can leave a voicemail on someone's cell phone (doesn't work on land lines), and their phone will never ring. They will just see a message screen that says, "New Voice Mail". Try it. It's like virtual voicemail.