Remote Access is a Snap

Sometimes productivity isn't possible if you're away from your main computer. For instance, I teach a class on Digital Cameras and demonstrate photo manipulation. But the lab computer does not have PhotoShop. My home office computer does. To teach the class productively, I remotely access my home office computer. To do that, I have to use a remote access product.

Productivity Secret #3. Remote Access...
You can remotely access your home office computer through Windows by following these 20 steps *cough wheeze* located at

Unfortunately, Windows processes depend largely on matching operating systems. I tried their solution and was very frustrated. Thankfully, there are other options that are easier, 2 of them I list here.

An excellent remote access that costs approximately $20/month is GoToMyPC - access everything on your PC from anywhere with GoToMyPC® The remote picture is crystal clear and the access time is "Speedy Gonzalez!" is Free, Free, Free. Did I mention it's FREE? Obviously you can pay for an upgrade version, but seriously, if you just need to read your emails while you're away, who cares about pixel quality?

I have personally used both programs. GoToMyPC is easy and by far a better quality, but beats all others for the ease and the price.

I hope this information was enlightening, and Welcome to the world of remote access! It's VERY cool!