Outlook Email: Vanishing Unread Emails - Solved

Last week, for some freak reason, an email would come into my Outlook, appear long enough for me to notice it and see the first line, then vanish. Great. So the hunt began, clicking through my 50 folders (yes... 50) trying to find where it landed. No luck.

So I have this saying... Whenever you have the question "How Do I ____fill in question here___", the answer is "Right Click".

How do I find only my Unread emails? Answer: Right click. See below steps:
1. At the bottom of the Outlook folder list is one called "Search Folders"
2. Right click on that one.
3. Choose "New Search Folder"
4. The first option is "Unread Mail". click OK
5. You will see a new folder appear called "Unread Mail" and it will probably have a number beside it which is the count of how many emails are unopened.
6. Now at the top of the Outlook email folder list is a group called "Favorite Folders"
7. Click and drag the "Unread Mail" folder you just made and drop it under "Favorite Folders"

My friend Steve even added another step to this...
"Limit the Unread Mail folder to only the Inbox so it's not searching all of your folders." (Although I left mine alone because that's exactly what I want it to do.)

How Would You Do That???
8. Right click it, choose "Customize this folder" and click "Browse" to choose which folder to limit it to.