Outlook: Move Personal Contacts above Global Contacts

Do you work in the corporate world and have that handy list of "Global Contacts" in Outlook? If so, then you know what happens when you click TO: and it opens the GLOBAL list when you really just want your CONTACT list.

By default, Outlook searches through the GLOBAL list before searching personal Contacts. Well... you can change that order and put your CONTACT addresses first. Here's how...

1. Open Outlook
2. Click the Tools menu
3. Select Address Book
4. The address book will open.
5. Select the Tools menu.
5. Select Options
6. The first box is "Show this address list first:"
7. Hit the drop-down arrow and choose which one you want to be shown first.
8. Click OK

Ahhhh... one less click 30 times a day always makes me happy. :)