Outlook Inbox: Change the Subject line or Add notes

Sometimes, I just need to add a note on my email Inbox list to remind me what to do with a certain email. Here are the steps to get there...

Or watch me apply it at this link.

In Outlook Email view...
1. Click View, Current View, Customize Current View
You will be working with 2 buttons in here: Fields and Other Settings

2. Click Fields; click the "new field" button, type a name for the field, click OK.
It should pop into the list automatically. If not...

Still on the "Show Fields" dialog, change "Frequently-used" to "User-Defined"
Select your new field name and click Add. Then Move-up or -down as needed.
Click OK.

3. Under Customize View Settings, click "Other Settings"

4. Change fonts if desired, but absolutely check the box "Allow in-cell editing"
Also, since this changes your entire view, make sure to un-check "Show items in Groups".

Your new field should appear on your email headers. Click into any cell under the new header and type a message. In fact, you can change any text field - like the subject line after it's been forwarded so often that it's become a different subject.

Now it is appropriate to exclaim loudly, "OMG!!" for all surrounding cube mates to peak over the top and say, "What happened?!" Then you become a hero and show them my email and website. :)