Outlook Out-of-Office Replies

If you use Outlook Exchange, it's easy to click Tools, Out-of-Office Assistant. But if you don't use Exchange, how do you get your email to "Auto Respond" while you are away?

Here is the answer...

This is called an "Auto Responder" and isn't a part of the stand-alone Outlook version. Instead you will find it on your web email software. Since your email domain is @yourdomain.com, then you would access your email online, find Options, look for something called "auto responder" and set it up there.

How do you access your email online? I can't help you with that part because there are too many @yourdomain.com's to list them all, but hopefully someone in your office will know. Log onto your webmail, and dig around, or click the Support link and ask for "Auto Responder".